Driver charged £140 after getting his number plate wrong on car park ticket


This is one of those stories when you’re 100% on the side of the driver. Or 1O0%.

This is mainly because private parking companies are in league with Satan, the Prince of Darkness – not in an evil way (OK, a bit), but in their slavish devotion to the rules that no person in possession of a soul could ever manage.

Eastern Daily Press: Hospital visitor charged a small fortune after getting his car number plate wrong on car park ticket

His crime? Entering “A zero zero 3” instead of “AO 03”.

Yes, I know. The people trying to gouge 140 notes out of him should be forced through a sieve, turned into soup and the soup poured down the drain.

Then they should be charged £140 for exceeding the time limit at the hospital while they try to get themselves glued back together.

And that would not be unreasonable.

[And also a word for Brian in the photograph for choosing the most literal way to illustrate his predicament. We hope he didn’t lose the screws to get it back on.]

Bringing props to photo opportunities is the way ahead.

Essex Chronicle: Councillor wants decorative swastikas removed from front of council building

Top use of props, UKIP man. Rubbish use of everybody’s time, because they’re nothing to do with Nazis.


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