Disney’s A Whole New World rewritten for desperate mums at the end of the Summer Holidays, it’s bang on


A singer-songwriter duo has changed the words of the Disney classic song ‘A Whole New World’ to try and portray how mums feel at the end of the Summer Holidays when they send their kids back to school. 

‘A Whole New Term’ covers the whole range of emotions from having to ‘undo six weeks of carnage’ with a through deep clean to ‘dreaming of Prosecco’ – apparently a lot of mums drink it.

Have a watch below:

We should point out that dads also do everything that mums do in the video, before someone decides to get the hump.

The oddly-named Annie and The Badger (his school nickname apparently) have also added a bizarre video using what must be stock footage they downloaded off the Internet.

They may have a point here anyway. Surely anyone who says that their kids have been little angels for six weeks while occupying their time purely with educational nature trails and volunteering with the elderly are pretty much lying.

My own house looks like something from The Day After Tomorrow at the moment, and there’s still a week to go before they return to school.

Well a week and a day if you count the bizarrely positioned teacher training day (INSET).

I do get the ‘soft play’ comment as well. With apologies to George Lucas et al, I don’t think I have even seen such a hive of scum and villainy.

The sheer number of parents who seem to give up all responsibility for their children the second they walk through the padded gate is truly astonishing.


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