Country rocked by election news bombshell


FACT: The only election news worth reading is the Sunday Sport.

Long before we were a thing, and long before Fake News came along and spoiled it for everybody, the Sunday Sport was already doing its stuff with World War II bombers being found on the moon and other equally unlikely stories, mostly involving celebrity sex dwarves.

And it’s pleasing to note that after all these years, they’re still on top of their game with some of the best fakey news on the market. For example…

That time they joined the General Election campaign:

That time they reported important consumer news:

That time they had important travel news:

That time they reported important defence news:

That time they warned us about the perils of the National Lottery:

And always, ALWAYS the celebrity sex dwarves:

Are you famous? You’re not famous until you’re Sunday Sport Sex Dwarf Famous.

And these people are helpful, too. After being unsure if it was bellend, bell-end, or bell end, I asked the Sport’s style guide for a definitive judgement.

It’s bell end. Two words.