Councillor complains about ‘worn out’ welcome sign, remembers he’s left the gas on


Here’s a man who is posing angrily for his local newspaper, but has just remembered he’s left the gas on at home.

It’s too late, mate. You’ve left the gas on at home.

Newcastle Herald:¬†Councillor who has just remembered that he’s left the gas on at home complains about the poor state of local tourist welcome sign

Priorities, though. He got the photo shoot done first before going home and finding he hadn’t left the gas on at all.

An example to us all. And here are some more people angry about signs:

Essex Echo: Fury as giant road sign obscures view of electricity pylon

Great to see Santa enjoying a hard-earned day off.

Dundee Telegraph: Confusion, head-scratching as road signs go missing

Absolutely textbook, right down to the carpet slippers.

It’s a (oh ho!) SIGN OF THE TIMES!!!


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