British Telecom broadband blunder upsets scary kids


You’ve probably noticed by now that sad kiddiewinks are a staple of the Angry People experience.

Now let us introduce you to their close relative: Scary Kids.

There is one surefire way of turning kiddiewinks into scary kids – take their internet away.

Portsmouth News: Family’s new house hasn’t had broadband for nearly three months

And just in case any local readers had any lingering sympathy, scary child is wearing a Southampton FC kit in a Portsmouth newspaper. (Spotter: James)

Scary kids are everywhere.

Nottingham Post: Did you set fire to our slide? WE WILL SHIT YOU UP

This is the Special Air Service of scary kids, and they mean it.

Hull Daily Mail: If you steal my dad’s parking space, I too will shit you up

I expect dad’s really chuffed with scary kid’s handiwork.

Then there’s the queen of scary kids: Scary Fire Girl.

She knows. And you know she knows.


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