BREAKING: Council locked out of meeting room, decide to hold meeting outside


Local council meetings are all action affairs that deal with the nitty-gritty of our lives.

Where else will you hear arguments about the quality of the tinned coffee at the scout hut, and whether the grass near the war memorial needs three cuts a year instead of four?

And on the Isle of Wight it’s all kicking off…

A lucky escape – they nearly didn’t get to talk about the provision of planters near the shops “to cheer the place up a bit”.

Tables, that’s important:

As, it seems, is dragging your arse into the 21st Century:

But that is all as nothing compared to important items on the agenda reported in the Westmorland Gazette:

God help these poor people.

And finally, while nothing to do with locals councils, this shows the Isle of Wight in its full glory.

I hope you’re reading this, you pencil-necked geeks in Brussels. This is why we’re leaving.


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