BINNNNNNNNS! – The APILN Daily 30 October


Unemptied bins! Car-eating squirrels! The crushing disappointment that is human existence! It’s all in today’s Angry People in Local Newspapers daily round-up.

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Brighton Argus: Couple call police over ‘stolen’ car after night out, only to find it exactly where they left it the following morning

Well done. Well done everybody.

Otago Daily Times: Kiddiewink’s disappointment after being unable to use dinosaur slide

He’s learning early: Life is nothing but a constant stream of disappointment.

CBC Canada: Squirrels go nuts for driver’s Honda

I know for a fact that Syria’s leader Bashar Al-Assad drives a Honda Accord, so I’m with the squirrels on this one.

Grimsby Telegraph: Residents FUMMIN after recycling bins left unemptied for five days

The absolute horror.


Daily Record: Scientist in remote Antarctic outpost stabs colleague who told him the endings of books he was reading

Not a court on the planet would dare convict.

Glasgow Live: Glaswegians urged to make a spooky dildo for Halloween

Don’t have nightmares.

Manchester Evening News: Driver stopped on the hard shoulder of the M60 to watch porn

“Hard” shoulder.



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