Area man says he can’t afford £20 to dump his rusty old fridge


Things you don’t do in life, no.390: Don’t go to the papers and announce that you might be planning to do something illegal.

For example, going to the Portsmouth News saying that £20.10 is far too much for the council to take away your broken old fridge that you’ve had in your garage for years, and that you might be ‘forced’ to fly-tip it instead.

The Man doesn’t like that. So don’t. Just a handy tip for you there, bloke.

Portsmouth News: Old guy says he can’t afford the £20.10 fee to have the council’s bulk waste service take his knackered, motorless fridge away

Of course, the comments (as ever) come up with a solution for this impasse:

“Smash it up into pieces and hide it in your bin like everybody else does”

But where there is sense, there is also nonsense, for the world must always be kept in a state of balance:

“Everybody should fly tip ,,only then will the parasites and leeches in the Clown Hall have to change their policy”

The multiple comma, always the sign of a newspaper commenting professional. I bet he’s all about Tory Bliar, David Ca-moron and Theresa Mayhem too.