Anarchy in the Ukraine – Angry People in Local Newspapers 6th November


Cross-dressing oldiewonks! Politicians in the bin! Cops eating other cops’ panties! It’s the best of Angry People in Local Newspapers and also weird news.

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The Northern Echo: Minister tapes his mouth shut in protest over eviction threat

Sweet baby Jebus what’s happened to his aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Devon Live: Fury over damaged cars, injuries and sleepless nights over road surface

I genuinely thought that pair were in a sleeping bag there, which would have been weird.

Of course they’re not. They’re being buried alive as an offering to the road gods.

Lancashire Telegraph: Driver angry after being hit by two parking tickets in Blackburn

The old “I’ve parked here for ages without any trouble” defence.

Shropshire Star: “Completely out of character” Shrewsbury street light replacements under fire

One for the “arty” folder.


NY Post: Cop in panty-eating scandal says his career is over

I have no idea what to say about this. None at all.

Hull Daily Mail: Cross-dressing pensioner jailed for bizarre rooftop sex acts with G-string on his head

I’m sure there’s a rational explanation for all this

[reads article]

There is not.

NBC News: Angry mob throws Ukrainian politician in the trash

As you can see, they’ve thrown him into general waste, when he is clearly organic waste for recycling.


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